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Hi, I am co-admin at and was wondering you opinion on the site. I would appreciate your input on The forums and our themes. Thank you for your time.
Its nice and maybe you might want to change the background color to a background image and also have the portal enabled, as it would look nice so you could see the latest news/threads from the site Smile
Okay thank you. Any other thoughts?
1. Great domain
2. Shoutbox is useless IMHO - Why create another way for chat when a forum is already a way for communication/chat.
It also steals the threads your registered members can post, and for a new forum every post counts.
3. Page is stretched to much.
4. I don't understand the forum niche, besides general talk.
I agree with surface on this one,shoutbox is useless.Other than that it looks good.
[Image: 120x60_SF.gif]
very nice, love the Color scheme fits the domain name well.

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