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[WIP] ZOVA - mybb 1.4x exclusive theme
Nice work I like the forum seperator its very unique.
You say it won't be as great as Jero, but looks to me that this theme took more work, at least in design. It looks like there are more advanced Photoshop techniques in Zova than Jero.
But both are looking fantastic. Smile
Ive been brought back from the dead, I'm sure you're all pleased. shhhh, act as if you are at least, damn it.

Will get this wrapped up soon and have Lab code it if he's still willing and has time, otherwise i'll figure something out for sure. Yeah, i blow for taking so long, at least I love all you stinkers enough to keep at it =]
The MIT Dropout - Guy
I have to admit with the latest preview this has to be one of the best theme i have seen.
[Image: jsnippetsbanner.jpg]
Latest Theme: CMS BB.
Awesome to hear Devi, keep boosting my ego and i'll wrap this up in no time, and who knows, cook something even more awesolicious up right after to boot =]
The MIT Dropout - Guy
Pure hotness Smile Seriously. I love it ^^
thanks Euan! =]
The MIT Dropout - Guy
I think I'm going to wrap this up as it is. Will compile the psd and see if Jesse will be cooking it up or figure something else out. Will start working on my third theme soon...

The MIT Dropout - Guy
Why can't I download anything?
Very good i love it Smile

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