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[WIP] ZOVA - mybb 1.4x exclusive theme
Yeah, ZOVA is my second theme and this one will be a sleek, sexy, minimalistic design. It will come in 2 version, a dark and a light, same exact designs though. A screen shot of me starting the design process of the light version can be found below.

[Image: zovathememock.png]

I'll update this as I go along until it's ready, then i'll edit this first post with the theme release as ive done before with JERO.

This is a simple design and some might say not as 'sexy' as JERO, i wont argue, it's all about preference but my aim atm is to push out as many quality themes as I can for MyBB Central, if you want something high end, and customized, hit up labrocca and let him know, consider me 'his' designer Smile

I'll post progress screen shots and links to the Mybb theme i'm designing, that will eventually be an exclusive theme

I am as always more than willing to listen to peoples input on what they would like to see done with this first theme, I'm hoping to have the design/html-css part done within the next few days this time, and then hand it over to our tame racing driver, who some say eats baby feet for breakfast, labrocca, to add his finishing touch by bringing it to life and converting this baby. Smile

So yeah, i'm posting this so there's a record of it online and that it is timestamped and all. Let me have your feedback and if I think you make a valid point i'll tweak the theme accordingly!
The MIT Dropout - Guy
Slick as usual. Some elements will be tough to code such as the welcome box.
(Oct 19, 2009, 01:43 PM)labrocca Wrote: Slick as usual. Some elements will be tough to code such as the welcome box.

Why is that? let me know so I can implement it into the design accordingly Smile
I figured it would be the same as a regular theme with the welcome to the left, just stick it in a div and float it left? maybe im missing something as alwayzz haha. But yeah, let me know so I can find a better spot for it and not off balance the theme.
The MIT Dropout - Guy
Well the welcome box if you are logged out has that signup bar which pops open the login form.
Ah right i almost forgot about that. Noted.
Watermark added.
The MIT Dropout - Guy
Alright, labrocca, everyone else reading this, any and all constructive input is appreciated on the following light version of the ZOVA mybb theme.

[Image: zovathememock2.png]
The MIT Dropout - Guy
The font in the welcome block needs to be lightened just a little.
noted, thanks Smile
The MIT Dropout - Guy
Dark version

[Image: zovathememockdark.png]
The MIT Dropout - Guy
You should make the left and right padding on the nav buttons equal. I dont really like the left padding of them, its too close to the side.
[Image: iphorumsig.php]

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