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Personal Graphic Designer Offer
Hmm. So far I won't take any action, but I am interested in this and might purchase this service soon.
Hello Anonymous.
I am not getting what is this for? I want to tell you about me and that, I have done a Advanced Diploma in Multimedia from the School of Art and Animation and I am addictive to graphic designing. I like to make different models.
@harrystyris: Why are you saying to me this?

Anways, I would like to request a theme. Sending you a PM now.
any previous ranks and awards?
If anybody wanted to participate in theme making for me, here's what i sent to Dark Rose

Quote:I would like a theme that's between current theme, and the forums

What do I mean by it? I mean, that the theme must have colors of but it mustn't be so light, more for a hacking site, it must have alignement of forums and beautifull logo and Graphics. The rest , you can choose it.

This shouldn't be really difficult to imagine, however I don't know how difficult would it to make it.

Tell me how much would you get paid for this.
What's the status of this offer? For $3 a month you will make whatever graphics I need? I'm not a great graphic designer but I'm getting into theme making so I'd like to have someone to do the buttons and logos and stuff. Does this sound like your kind of job?
Robert Picard
Can you make animated banners for a forum ?
animated .png ? I might be interested in one. :o)

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