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Hi, would it be possible for anyone to make this page into a Generator for my site;

I want it to be the same basicly without the
Quote:So basically, this is a halo 3 player model generator. You can choose each of
the options by clicking on a box and selecting whichever you wish. After selecting,
the model image should update automatically. If not, you may not have the newest browser
or have javascript disabled; in which case, this will not work correctly.
Questions? Comments? Send me an email at [email protected]

Interesting info: 30*30*30*5*5*5*5 (elite) + 30*30*30*9*8*8*11 (spartan) = 187,947,000 halo 3 armor combinations
at the present known values. At about 10kb per image, that's 1.75 terabytes of images!
** This chest plate is exclusive of bungie employees (or lucky individuals) and
is apparently the cause of flaming helmets. (although it doesn't show up here)
As far as I know, flaming helmets will still be unavailable the general gaming population.

Don't email me asking for recon!

I will be able to add in the credits later on.

- Get rid of the Link to image and have it so when the user clicks on it, The link appears under it.

- Make the Layout a little nicer.. it looks to plain.

- Make it load a bit faster and compatible with Safari, Opera, Firefox and other browsers like Chrome and IE if you can.

The page source is viewable*

If nobody is willing to do it, could someone walk me thorough how to make it?

It is greatly appreciated if you can make this plugin.

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