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Easy Refer
Very useful mod , thanks a lot labrocca !
I agree. I just installed this on MyBB Themes in replacement of a plugin and mod I was using to do this. Much easier and has alot more features. Big Grin
Hello Smile

I'm going to installl it and see how it goes Smile it seems to be very usefull, thanks ^^
Thanks for the great script! One small problem I am hoping you can fix: if you enter the wrong captcha code, any message you may have written will be erased. I would like to see this function as per your Contact Us Plugin... in which case if the captcha is entered incorrectly, the message is not lost.

Can this be fixed please? Thanks again Smile
Hmm...let me look into that. I am suprised I didn't do that already.
Thank you. This would be great to have fixed when you get a chance. I appreciate your work.
Sorry just been busy. If I don't update this in 2 weeks PM me please to remind me.
No need to apologize. This is a great plugin and it's very useful as-is. No rush
Cool plugin, I hope it work fine
thx labrocca, cool one...

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