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Easy Refer
I hope this isn't a stupid question, but does this work in conjunction with the default referral system or is it independent? I guess my main question is do we have to have the default referral on to use this? Wink
i'm finding it , thank you very much
This works in conjunction with the mybb referral system. So in the admincp settings just enable refferal system. Installing this plugin just makes the sytem easier. Mybb doesn't offer any way for members to create referral links, send an invite or to see who they referred. This just makes the referral system easier hence the name "Easy Refer".
This is cool, Labrocca. I had wondered what the use of the Referral system was. Now it makes a bunch more sense! Big Grin
I've got a query question. Let's say that a member forgot to put another member as referrer. Is there a query I can do to fix that in the database? I tried to figure it out on my own and can't.
UPDATE mybb_users SET referrer = 'X' where uid = 'Y';

X must be the uid of the referrer
Y must be the uid of the new member
Thanks a bunch, Labrocca! That is very very helpful!! Big Grin
Do you have my ezmysql mod installed? It makes it much easier to run these basic commands from within your mybb admincp. It's a lot faster than opening up your hosting control panel so you can run a query.
Yeah, I have your ezmysql installed. That is where i do my queries. Wink Such a handy little tool!

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