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Need Auto Link Checker
Plz plz i need automatic link checker bot which checks all links in forum, in threads...I am a subscribed member kindly fulfill my request..This is my first request....I will be very thankful to u....
Anyone plz reply...Where r admins and super mods...Plz fulfill my request
i think there is no one to fulfill my request....I have done a big mistake by spending 10$ to this stupid site which is good for nothing...No new plugins no requests...
Err... Purchasing a subscription doesn't mean you can make a request and someone HAS to fulfill that request. It was your choice to upgrade and pay a measly $10, it doesn't mean that people act upon your requests immediately. A subscription mainly allows you to just download MyBB plugins and themes and that's it.
A suggestion for the future is to use the search feature, it brought up this topic;

As jak123 said, purchasing a subscription grants you the right to download the plugins and styles, and although subscriber suggestions are taken seriously, it doesn't mean that every request will be completed, there just isn't enough time in the world.
One is already released but because of your attitude I'm not telling >=)

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