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Reputation bars
huhu... i can't download it... why Sad
(Feb 20, 2010, 03:00 AM)slonong_boy Wrote: huhu... i can't download it... why Sad

You need to be a premium member to download.
[Image: jsnippetsbanner.jpg]
Latest Theme: CMS BB.
thank you Big Grin
(Nov 18, 2009, 11:36 PM)Rafael Wrote: I hope this dont make a lot of queries on the showthread.


absolutely not.
the plugin only grab the existing variable from showthread.php.
So, it would not hurt your forum.
I had over one and half million posts forum Wink

And now, I am playing with title image properties.
If member hover the mouse over the the bars, it will displaying something like: Total Rep is... and Reputation is Good (Bad) Wink

There will be few bars represent reputation words.
for example:
rep: -11 till -50 displaying word: Bad
rep: -10 till -1 displaying word: Shame
rep: 1 - 50 displaying word: Good
rep: 51 - 100 displaying word: Very Good
rep: 101 - 500 displaying word: Excellent

Now, is closer more likely VBull reputation with few tweak..


see the bottom avatar Rep Bar Hover    
So this would work with 1.6x or not?
Yes it will work with 1.6
can anyone advise what needs to be added and where if you want something to be said when you hover over the rep image? I tried a title code but just got an error

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