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[request] Theme like
I want a nice theme with the same gray colors of
If anyone can help or tell me how to change the colors of my current theme, id appreciate it

Consider that theme. The HF theme is not available.
But i prefer support forum themes surely it took time who ever making those themes. Its so artistic don't you think in a way it so fine and balance with the color and themes
[Image: mybbsig.php]
I am pretty sure all those themes were made by Labrocca.

Either way its best to use your own theme, free themes are used by everyone but if you make your own theme then its purely yours unless you sell it. Regardless it will be used less if it is a private theme.
how do i make a theme
(Nov 23, 2009, 11:16 AM)Snooopy` Wrote: how do i make a theme
[Image: 120x60_SF.gif]
(Nov 23, 2009, 12:02 PM)Xenocide Wrote:
(Nov 23, 2009, 11:16 AM)Snooopy` Wrote: how do i make a theme

You do know how old that is right, in some ways it still is useful but generally it is outdated.

This is currently the best information to help you gey started, straight from mybb...

Also you may want to read these general tips...
I usually dont look at the dates lol.
[Image: 120x60_SF.gif]
I really want a Dark Theme Thats for 1.4 That I can use. But it has to use the normal header stuff.
I can make one for you Snoopy if you want... it will be real simple (just color and button/background changes) though and definitely no more then $5 USD (I'm aiming for 2-3). Just pm me if your interested.

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