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[request]Rank Images
Hey guys,
I was wondering if someone could make me a set of rank buttons to match the theme on my site. I would do it and not annoy any of yo wit this thread, but i dont have PS on my comp as of now. I need a few images....for Admin, Super Mod, Subscriber, Banned, and Moderator.

You can go on my site and what not see what you think would look best. Im not looking anything really out there...with flash and all that...just something a bit sleek and nice.

This is kinda a you do me a solid i do you a solid.

I would pay, but price depends on if i like the images, or how good they look. So I am not going to say a final 10.00 or 5.00 because as said it will depend on the quality of the product.

You can look at my theme here. So if any of you guys or gurls are willing to do something for me, would be really great.

Thank you,

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