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Adding "Pages" to my forum...
How do I add the different "pages" to my forum?

I like how this one has the "upgrade", "contact", "testimonials", etc. up at the top.

You mean toplinks? Follow this link
[Image: 120x60_SF.gif]
Matt's site has the answer (so does this one but I prefer giving credit to the guy who it was leeched off)...

Hope you continue the site Matt I learned a lot from it.
Which link to follow? both are 404 :S
I'm MyName is I'M MYNAME !
There are a couple of "Pages" plugins at the MyBB support forum.
Or if you know html, add your own using the help documents in the acp.
Easiest method. Create a help document in admincp and link to it in the header template. Very easy and help docs support html.
cool beans! imma try this out.
Oh yeah, that's true, create a help document.
Labrocca where do we go to make a help document? This would be cool to learn to make..

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