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Mapovifog (Max Post Views For Guests)
I do not allow guests to view profiles or member lists. That must be it so it is of no worry ..thank you Labrocca
You can do what I do and add nofollow tags to the links of member.php in templates. You have to search them out in admincp.
Wow this is a great idea, i will be using it.
[Image: jsnippetsbanner.jpg]
Latest Theme: CMS BB.
Thanks for this.
Hey labrocca, you told us you were going to add forum exemptions some time ago, do you think you can still do that? Wink
Will it set a single day where guests can see the threads that have to end? (that is, for example, saw 5 threads and you will not see ever more without registration?)
suddently mapovifog is not working :S
How can i reset it?
looks like cookie is not being created :S

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