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[release] EvoGeneration
Woooow niceee
looks great to me
I tried it, but was having trouble getting the Tabbed Menu plugin to work. :/

I got it to appear, but not to function.
Good job! Like it Smile
tabbed manu is not a theme error it is in the plugin itself, please make sure you have followed all steps to make the plugin work.
[Image: tyler-allen.png]
to be honest, it looks like something that was edited out of another theme so I must say not worth paying for. if your going to release a theme, shouldn't you make sure it works first? because as soon as it was installed on my forum I also had no images, sure easy fix but should I have to is the question...

Also i noticed the folder was called "black" as I already had a folder named that from another theme, good thing i wasn't using that theme eh? Perhaps you should rename the folder to make the name of the theme so it won't interfere with other templates.
Well it is not myfualt you had another theme with the same folder. Also this theme was one of my firsts and it was based from the basic layout of mybb. So yeah....

You can rename the folder if you want i could care less. Also I am fixing some erros for it, I am updating it to work with 1.6 and adding my own template edits designed for Team Onyx itself.

So thanks for your feed back, but these issues are all on your own and your own opinion.
[Image: tyler-allen.png]
Looks pretty cool thanks.
look nice. i'll try when i will be able to download. thx.

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