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Ultimate profile template(s)
Hm. That's very strange. I just checked your site and I see what you mean. It works perfectly opn my demo site in IE, FF, Safari and Chrome. Could you please post what you have in your member_profile template for me?
It`s the same as your post?
Now its working also for me dont know what was wrong?
But the ? is stil there at the buttom.
[Image: mybbsig.php]

Very strange. No idea about the question mark. Try searching in the template for a question mark. if it finds one, delete it and see if that helps Wink
Just checked your site. The question mark is right at the bottom. Seems like you might have added one in there somewhere by mistake. It might not even be in the member profile templates. Could be the footer.
the code in the first post is where the ? is look
so update the first post whitout the ?
[Image: mybbsig.php]

Yeah, that should fix it ;D Thanks for flagging it up ^^
Nice work bro...
But I have a question.
The template looks like Vbulletin`s member profile and it is copyrighted and I have heard that there layout and table structures are also copyrighted. So dont you think that this violets the copyright??

I am just asking, I am not sure about this..
Why is the buddie`s not showing?
[Image: mybbsig.php]

will this not work on anyting but the default theme? I can't get it to work on other themes.
It is kinda like vbulletin's templates, but I haven't used any of their code or anything and there are some major differences Wink

The buddy system won't work out of the box - it all depends on which system you are using. You will have to add the code yourself (it'll be something like {$buddies})

@OGM C Ville TC: it should work with other themes. It may require a tweak or two for some themes to make the tables fit properly, but the general template should be fine.
Updated the main code for the member_profile template so as to make it easier to develop plugins for it and to give instructions on how to add new modules (such instructions for things like twitter etc can be found here:

make sure to update your template. It's not a major change, but it is noteworthy.

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