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Tabbed Menu with theme

I changed my theme, I left the origin. On the subject of origin, the system tab Tabbed Menu works well but changing the theme, the tabs were missing. I use the theme Afresh Black.

Anyone can solve my problem?

PS: I am sorry for my bad English but I am French.
You have to add the tabbed.css to that theme. Follow the instructions that Labrocca left in the rar archive and just do what you need to again...So all you have to do is in your theme where you installed is upload the tabbed.css file to that theme.

[Image: tyler-allen.png]
Okay, I see the tabs but there is that tab home where there are subcategories. On the other tabs, there is nothing.
i think you are missing the <div> tag. Go in your header and in the rar archive there are instructions on what to do. PM me if you need further help.
[Image: tyler-allen.png]
The thread with the troubleshooting guide fixes all known problems.

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