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{REQ}MW2/Xbox 360 Theme
I can't seem to find any themes I like. It would be great if someone could make a Modern Warfare 2 oriented theme or an xbox 360 oriented theme. Also does anyone know of a good place to get banners made?
There is one on this site. I also made one. Let me get it on my server then ill link you to it.
Are you willing to pay for a mw2 specific theme? I can offer it very cheap at around 10 bucks depending on if you take it the way I make it (you can view a demo before buying).
[Image: mybbsig.php]
Cool. I'll check out both the ones you two have. Sorry it took so long to respond. Been busy with the holidays.
Hey I might be interested in a Modern Warfare 2 also but for PS3
send me a PM with pictures if it's possible, i'm using afresh black right now with sideboxes from Labrocca. :o)
I should have mines on my server soon. Just been busy with the holiday.
Well I'm a little too busy this time so I'm sorry but I can't do the theme. I will eventually get down to it though for one of my own clan sites so if you don't get a theme you like by then maybe you could use that one. Sorry once again but I have some personal problems to handle right now and don't have time to focus on jobs.
[Image: mybbsig.php]
Modern Warefare 2 kicks ass, I am playing now. I just got it for xmas. Big Grin
I would be willing to pay for a custom PS3 Modern Warfare 2 theme with an Animated logo,
that would be real nice for my clan forum. let me know if any of you guys can do this for me.
Bumping this thread.. Anyone interested in making a custom Modern Warfare or Gaming/Military oriented theme please send me a message
thanks guys

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