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Advertisements pluign
I need a box which will be called Advertisements where i can add banner from some site. Is that prossible to make?
I think we got one of those plugins on the site already.
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I need to pay to have it =(
You don't say...
(Dec 26, 2009, 08:15 AM)eXPerienceâ„¢ Wrote: I need to pay to have it =(

Come-on support Labrocca work its cheap just $10 take the consideration of subscription per life time and you can enjoy all his creative plugin.
[Image: mybbsig.php]
You don't want to pay for something that's going to be used to help you earn money for yourself?? You've got to spend money to make money.
I will pay. 10$ is nothing. Paypal limited my account so i need to w8 for them or to make another one.
They accept google checkout....Big Grin
Yap i know =)

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