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Yo mate, did your hosts shut you down for warez?

I hope not, it was a good site actually.
[Image: tyler-allen.png]
Dam it,
lets hope he had a back up and restarts the forum Smile
The site (or rather, a site) loads for me. The theme is alright, though I don't love the logo (bland, should make better use of gradients and work with the black better). Just my thoughts, however.

As for onshore vs offshore, that completely depends on a number of things. It's safe to say having a warez site hosted in the USA is a bad idea for the general nub who doesn't speak lawyer terms. For these nubs who worry about getting arrested and such, offshore is the best way to go for warez hosting. In my case, we will be using hosting centered in LUX (google it) for our 'legalish' site, which will not only feature warez but 'ify' images, humor, and public speech (activists and such).

Anyway, the site is decent from what I can see. As always, however, a site is just cyberdata until you DO something with it, hopefully you can get it huge and one day while you're on trial I can brag to friends about how I commented in a thread when you first made the site ;-)
Well i always use onshore host. I dont worry about getting arrested or etc...i always buy a private service and get my domain through a privacy service as well. I also know my way around the lawy, so i know a good bit how to tell someone off they wana try stuff with me.

Even tho warez is illegal, you are allowed to have links to warez, unless your host says otherwise. Promoting warez and piracy is not illegal, however it is looked down upon.
Also, im not gona tell you again....widen the board.
[Image: tyler-allen.png]

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