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Someone want a custom theme [Free]
well if i get some users on my board it would be more active

I am adding so many features and i have paied like over 600.00 for just the site and some SEO we better get moving soon lmao....

I'll give you personal guidance if you want.
[Image: tyler-allen.png]
Awsome thanks.
Oh and all people I have said I will give a theme, I am off my long break, and back in school, so my work will be slowed down a lot.
Service No Longer Offered.
Aww man Sad
[Image: Banner468x60.png]
Yea sorry.
I can still make themes Tongue
[Image: tyler-allen.png]

I could need one, how much do you take for a theme? Because the TEAM AXVIS one looks really good.
You think you can make me a Techy bluish and silver theme?
I still make em just not for free any more.
i usually charge 30-120 for a theme. This depends on what content you want and how professional you want it to look.
[Image: tyler-allen.png]

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