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How to keep RSS bot posts out of new posts.
Okay, so you know those links at the top of Mybb, the ones that say View New Posts | View todays posts. Well I have an RSS Bot on my site, he posts news automatically but because of the abundance of threads he makes, the staff can't see what other staff and members have posted (RSS Bot is only viewable by Staff so members can't see his new posts and thats not a problem) But I need a way to make it so the only way staff can see new pots by bots is if they go to the thread where the bot posts not from View new posts or todays new post.

Staff View:

Todays posts

Member View:

I want the staff view to be like the member view but for but for the bots posts only.

Or if I can exclude the bot some how.
Edit the
file, that will change the bots permissions
Official CreateMyBB and RunBB Support Team Member.
which bot are you using?

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