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Hello MybbCentral
Hi there, my name is Tavi, I live in Romania, I am a 23 yo student in Romania. I enjoy life, friends, like music and computers. I like mybb and I recently am going to start a website using mybb.

Thanks for having me here, this is a great site with great people. Nice meeting you all. Cheers, Tavi.
Welcome Smile
Be sure to subscribe Wink
Hi, I allready subscribed Wink this morning. I want to know when is Labrocca going to pass me to subscribers group?

Thank you.
He will accept the payment when he is next online, he is a busy man be patient Smile
Hello and welcome to the site. I have upgraded you.
(Jan 25, 2010, 11:13 AM)labrocca Wrote: Hello and welcome to the site. I have upgraded you.

Thank you labrocca, nice to be here.
Welcome to the group Smile
(Jan 25, 2010, 02:29 PM)x-Treme Wrote: Welcome to the group Smile

Thank you x-Treme, a pleasure to be here. Cheers Big Grin
Welcome to MybbCentral Big Grin

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