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Woofie v1.0
Woofie Theme v1.0

MyBB Themes Team Creation
By: FirefoxWiz

English Button Set by FirefoxWiz

Theme Design Group: MyBBThemes Team

Woofie is a custom designed black and red theme. Based off of my dog, Woofie, that died today. Sad

A Live Demo will soon be found at:

Installation Instructions:
1. Upload the included images to your ./images directory

2. In the Admin CP import the included theme XML file

3. View it in your User CP

4. Now have fun with your forum!

Theme Release License:

You may not remove or change the Designed by MyBBThemes statement in the footer of this theme's templates. You may use and modify this theme to your personal likings, but redistributing a modified version for download is prohibited, unless you have explicit permission from FirefoxWiz, as well as explicit permission from the MyBB Themes Team, though you are allowed to redistribute a copy that has not been modified.

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seems like nice theme
Like it.
I like it alot.
thank you for this template
I like it alot, thanks.


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