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Its is unlawful aginst my copyrights to distribute this theme in part or whole without my written permission. You only have legal rights to use this theme if you agree to the licence terms and agreements by this theme. You agree that Team Onyx holds ALL copyright permissions to this theme and we reserve the right to disallow any continued use of this theme at ANY time without ANY warning. To use this theme you also agree to leave the Team Onyx copyright link in the footer of this theme. If you chage or remove the link that it is not either directed to our site or the name is change, or all links and names have been removed you will have to pay a copyright infragment fee of 100.00 in Us Currency.

The download is available for subscribers on my site only. However a download will be made quick for MyBB Central since I love you guys so much lolz.

You can click here to download.

1. Upload images folder to your root directory.
2. Go to your ACP and import the xml File (the theme)
3. Make theme your defult (optional)

All images created with Adobe Photoshop Cs4
You can replace the logo at images/tweetme/logo.gif.

As a special addition for tweetme theme I have modded Jesse Labroccas Tabbed.css files to match this theme. So who ever wishes to use his plugin, can use this css style as well.

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[Image: tyler-allen.png]
Totally cool. Congratulations for this great theme! But when I go into your forum, i see the head bigger than the body of the forum... is that right?
Nice release Onyx Big Grin
Yes it is to be bigger. In my TweetMe 2nd Edition everything will be ajaxed and centered.
[Image: tyler-allen.png]
Not going to use, but wow.. nice theme!
lolz thanks mate, glad ya like it.
[Image: tyler-allen.png]

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