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FirefoxWiz Wrote:There is no "mod" for that /me thing. It's built in to MyBB.
That's cool!
I love Opera, and I'm using it now. Can't beat Speed Dial, Widgets and Themes. Plus it's nearly twice as fast as Fx, and about the same as IE. And it is the most secure browser released.
I like Opera, and I'll sometimes use it. Generally I'll use firefox, though.
brian Wrote:I have used Opera, but i don't care for it that just seems to be slower at coming up than internet explorer, and doesn't render a lot of pages correctly
that's not opera's fault. On a lot off websites the code is shit.

I think Opera rocks it is a lot faster then many browsers, it has a lot of cool and useful functions and is more stable then IE.
I also use firefox and Safari
I've never used Opera. I'm fine with Firefox.
I find opera to be pretty nice, tho I do like the plugin system in firefox more than Opera.

I like how Opera has a torrent dler and irc built in.
* judel i have tried this and it never works for me!

OMG! So it is built into mybb!? LMAO! I never knew that!!!!

OH, and by the way, I use all three browsers as a test to determine if everything works, though I always use FF as a default.
The best, I'm always using it, now I am waiting for Opera 9.50 full relase
Opera is way too bloated for me. I like Firefox's addons which allow me to extend the browser for my own requirements.
Bloated? Do you realize that OPera is a SMALLER download and install than Firefox. And Opera comes with 10x more features yet runs faster...bloated is the last thing I would call Opera.

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