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labrocca Wrote:Bloated? Do you realize that OPera is a SMALLER download and install than Firefox. And Opera comes with 10x more features yet runs faster...bloated is the last thing I would call Opera.

By bloat, I mean FEATURE bloat, which you just proved. I don't need widgets in my browser! I don't need Bittorrent download! I don't need speed dial! I don't need HALF of the features.

Firefox let's me install whatever features I want. Opera doesn't offer me the Web Developer addon, the Adblock addon, the No-script addon, the MeasureIt addon, the color picker addon, the smart digg button, the delicious integration, etc... I can go on and on. Those things are just the most basic needs for my development purposes.

I must say Opera 9.0 is a little faster than Firefox 2.0 sometimes. But Firefox 3.0 is way faster than Opera 9.5. The compatibility towards Opera is just lame. Gmail, Google docs, etc won't work under Opera without using a dumbed-down version.

And one more thing... I prefer the open source alternative whenever possible. As you've said, "GNU/GPL is a wonderful thing."

edit- Aww. I just realized I don't get more points when I use the quick-edit function.
I like Operas feature that you type in g then what ever you want to search for then it takes you to Google. Wow, that was confusing.

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