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Auto hide?
This would be a moderator + administrator tool to hide threads from user groups by replacing the thread info in the forum view with "The contents of this thread has been hidden", meanwhile showing the thread details with a red background [like unapprove]. As well as posts: "The contents of this post has been hidden", showing red to mods and admins.

[Image: Banner468x60.png]
We want a plugin that gives us an option when creating a thread (Mods and admins only) to autohide all posts on the thread. This will allow us to have private votes, seeing as we are voting on our members, it'd be unfair to have it public. If someone was promised a vote, and saw that her/his name wasn't posted by that user there may be problems.

Labrocca - because, can't they just be clicked and it will reveal the contents? I never used spoiler tags. Tongue

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