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Quick reply error
I have a forum

Quick Reply Problem With Hanging in mybb 1.4.11

I have a problem after update my forums to MyBB 1.4.11 in post reply with quick reply box.
After you post a reply to thread, your browser stay on the thread and you see only loading image and it doesn't load the posts. But after refresh page you see the post sent!

Please help me.
What browser are u using? I once have those kinda problem too when using opera but now it ok...
[Image: mybbsig.php]
Hum... sometime you can get errors in updates...
I had one, when I updated MyBB from 1.4.9 to 1.4.10. The error was I couldnt merge posts... I got an error and i had to refresh. Then i saw merged posts, but I solved it updating into 1.4.11
The problem now, there's no version after 1.4.11 so i dont know how you can fix it...
I just think you must reupload newreply.php ... is the only way I think you could fix it
remove the image file of that rotating thing it works....but I know that is not the perfect solution!....
i am using firefox

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