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Onyx Exclusive User Profiles.
Ok so a few weeks ago I was thinking of a few ways to make my theme better and more unique then everyone else's. Well I have come up with a few ideas and I am proud to present one of the Ideas to you now.

Onyx Profiles.

The New profile layout for mybb is inspired by VBulletin 4.0. The new style is diff from all other theme designs because this is very light weight, very customizable, and only used by our themes only. I will enable options for users to add their own pages soon, such as the facebook feature.

So please take a look, on my site as well as the picture below and leave us with some comments.


[Image: onyxprrlr.png]

Basic Codings done by euantor of MypPureBB.
[Image: tyler-allen.png]
Oh it looks nice.
You're welcome Onyx Smile Glad to see you've customized the style to your liking. However, can you please add a note to your post that it was I who coded/created the basic template? Cheers man.
I like it. Looks neat. ;D
[Image: mybbsig.php]
lawls, thanks.....

I am actually going to make a plugin for this....actually make the profiles a plugin. This will allow for more global use and more....user customization.
[Image: tyler-allen.png]

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