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Thread Notes
License is attached inside extras folder by using this software you agree to the terms of that license.

Plugin Name: Thread Notes
Plugin Author: Jesse Labrocca
Plugin Website:
Plugin Version: 1.0
Plugin Mybb Compatibility: 1.4x
Plugin File Edits: None
Plugin File Uploads: 1
Plugin Description: Displays the thread notes on top of showthread page. Also has a link to edit the notes. Very easy to install and run.


1. Upload the file from the zip to your plugins directory.

2. Login to your admincp and ACTIVATE the plugin (Thread Notes) in the plugin manager.

Troubleshooting: If you don't see thread notes in showthread make sure you have existing notes first off because nothing will display if notes don't exist. Next check the "showthread" template and find "{$pollbox}" after it add "{$threadnotes}".

Plugin is not language compatible but the only text is "Thread Notes" in the global template "thread_notes".

Thank you.

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.zip (Size: 99.18 KB / Downloads: 153)
i like it Labrocca, Keep it up!
Nice one, I am downloading it now Smile
Official CreateMyBB and RunBB Support Team Member.
But what does it display? where do I enter?
Who can edit/make the notes?
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Moderators. That's part of MyBB. This only enhances an existing feature.
Thank you labrocca, i just wanted to make sure because if it was for all members it would be pointless.
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Latest Theme: CMS BB.
You should edit the readme next time Tongue
Nice work anyway
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Nice plugin, but i do not know how to make some note at some thread.
If you ask me for plugins/scripts from here. I will inform the creator (Labrocca) and he'll deal with you then.
It's a Moderation Option in the footer dropdown.

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