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Hello, new to MyBB!
Hello everyone,

Until recently, I bought a domain, web host, and I'm planning on making a MyBB forum. I just had an idea, and to be honest, why the hell not? It's my first time messing around with any of this stuff and there has been some ups and downs, but hopefully all of this becomes a breeze. :]

I'm fairly decent at Photoshop and I'm glad to say I rarely request anything done for me, design wise, as I do it myself. Not bragging, but it's a good thing to have.
I listen to all kinds of music, not really a fan of screamo, country or mainstream songs that come on the radio nowadays. I occasionally play games, but most likely, I'm busy with something else.
Welcome here.
Hello and welcome to mybbcentral.. Enjoy your stay and hopefully you accomplish what you are trying to do.

Enjoy your stay!!
Welcome friend!
If you ask me for plugins/scripts from here. I will inform the creator (Labrocca) and he'll deal with you then.

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