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Want to build your forum community easily?
We know how hard it is to attract members to your site. You'll end up spending thousands, if not more, on advertising and only receiving at tops a few hundred members. What if we told you that you only had to pay a few cents for each user registered through us. Well that is exactly what does, we connect users to other sites based on their interest. We also offer things that most advertising sites don't offer:
# Set your own price
# Set the amount of members you would like to buy, minimum one and no maximum
# Custom coded verification system for free.
# Unique registrations, only one registration per an account is allowed.
# You can refund the remaining registrations at any time if you are not satisfied with your purchase
Secure validation system.
check it out sometime.
email me and i'll give you a discount.
hmm... Is this real? Tongue
Well yea, I made it.
already two sites buying members, and a few of our members paid out.
It's very new, but we're here to stay.
If you're going to buy registrations, I highly recommend at least 5 cents/member.
someone is paying for 300 members at 2/cents a visit (not registration, A VISIT).
I'll register and try some pay outs Big Grin
YOUR SITE Wrote:Account Balance:$0.03 USD
Lol i'm rich xD
(Mar 10, 2010, 07:49 PM)88power88 Wrote: I'll register and try some pay outs Big Grin
YOUR SITE Wrote:Account Balance:$0.03 USD
Lol i'm rich xD

Rofl, give me a min to payout Tongue
kk Big Grin i've tried several times to get it so people can sign up to my sites, please accept them all Big Grin
Sure thing, please email me since I don't check this thread that often.
[email protected]
I've already sent you your account balance, would really appreciate it if you posted it here (even though it's a low amount).
Haven't received the payment??
Check PM
Just sent it, had a little trouble with paypal.
Ahh ok, got it now thanks Big Grin
This is worth using!

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