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[Request] BioShock theme?

I just recently created a BioShock forum called 'Rapturism' and can't really find very good themes that match my preferences on what I want it to look like. What I'm looking for is sort of a rust-looking color and a retro feel to it, as if you're in Rapture itself. If anyone wants to try doing this, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks! Big Grin
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Well if you want TEAM AXVIS provides this service so if you want we can make it for you but it will cost you so if your interested PM me and we can talk things over.
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I'll try, but i have a few things to do.

I'll draw soemthing up.
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bioshock theme, is it gonna be a dark theme?
(Mar 15, 2010, 04:40 AM)nnnta Wrote: bioshock theme, is it gonna be a dark theme?

That's what I was kinda hoping for, yeah.
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