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[request] Need a forum theme

Right ok i need a theme please must be free! its devoteFM.

A nice bluish colour with a nice logo. The icons the recent post stuff please dont make them big. This will be great thank you.
Good luck if you get anybody to do it for free..
If you want a full theme with icons and everything....thats gona get you a cost from anyone. I would charge around 30.00-70.00 just depending how professional looking you want everything to be.
[Image: tyler-allen.png]
I'll do it for free Smile I do all designs for free, but I will accept a donation ^^ However, you will have to wait till I am done with my 2 current projects.
There are plenty of themes you could customize or simply add a logo too. Here's some nice blue themes:
Blue Flash
MyMech (I've tested this and it doesn't work across many browsers without errors)
Afresh Midnight
Afresh Ocean
Afresh Sky
Artistic Freedom
Blue Gloss
Clean Cut-Blue

Check them out, it could save you time and/or money! I'm sure somebody could make a logo free of charge.

I also love what BlueLine looks like but it's only a work in progress so you would have to wait if you want to use it.

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