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One Forum on 2 Servers ?
I have 2 VPSes. How to make to have the forum on both servers?
I googled it and did not found a good answers. And i am searching for a long time.
Is it possible to have forum on vps 1 and 2 and main site only on vps1 ? I have 1 db for main site + 1 db for forum.
Link to a tutorial or some usefull tip ? Thank you.
You can make one to be:

and other

If you mean on that.
If you ask me for plugins/scripts from here. I will inform the creator (Labrocca) and he'll deal with you then.
Im not sure if this would work but im pretty sure it would.

Install only one on the sql database and the other just edit the config.php and add the database information of the one you previously installed. Use the same prefix and it should work right?
If you are wanting and to both go to the same site and copy data over etc so if you posted on it would appear on and vice versa i was talking to a programmer the other night asking him how to do this and he said MyBB does not like 2 domains so he does not think it can be done.
I think I talked about this in other thread... well I can say you, if You have a shared MySql, it could be possible Wink
(Mar 12, 2010, 02:40 PM)Arqui Wrote: I think I talked about this in other thread... well I can say you, if You have a shared MySql, it could be possible Wink

I stand corrected Smile
when you have forum in server1 how is updating the database from the server2 ? db is only in one server ? i guess db is on both servers but how ? is having one domain name but not only one server, super pc, 3000 rami. i would like to know how its done ? there must be some way.

HF is on 3 servers ... so it can be done.
I have my largest site on 3 servers. One is DB, one is httpd, and the other is image server.
Link or a small tutorial on how to do something like you do you have, please ?
Is it really necessary? Unless your forum is very large, then spreading it out could actually slow it down.

Labrocca uses 3 dedicated servers because his forum is huge and just one server wouldn't last 5 minutes with his traffic. And that is on full dedicated servers, not VPS like you have.

Before you consider spreading out your forum, first outgrow the VPS and then outgrow a dedicated server.

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