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Facebook connect

Is there any news, when this plug-in is going to be available?
This is a nice idea Smile
(Oct 15, 2010, 03:27 PM)Mauricio Wrote:

You have to subscribe for it though Sad
Oh, Good Mate
Pardon me being a newbie at this......
I'm running forum on my blog. It embeds itself right into the page and allows my members to join using any of the standard social media logons ie..facebook, twitter, linkedin etc....About 9 different ones all together.

My question is....Is there a plugin for MyBB that can do this? With I can click on a persons name and go right to their facebook if I want to. (My problem with is that it's very light weight as a forum goes and can't give the overall performance of MyBB.) If you want to see how it works I'm at

I'm not a programmer but I was hoping someone could create something similar for MyBB.

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