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[request] MyCode as plugin template
I have some MyCode I developed (, and I am developing more.

As of now, each user has to manually make and activate the MyCode, which can be quite complicated or tedious for newbies.

I want to be able to just add this as a plugin, (I don't know PHP). So you just upload mycode.php to te inc/plugin directory, and activate it, then you have operating MyCode. It would be extremely helpful if I could add more then 1 mycode into the file, and release it as a batch of MyCode.
And even greater would be if you could add buttons for it in each post, I know how to do this manually editing the files, but if it could just be contained in a plugin.
And greater still, if you could add settings to the configuration, where you can disable/enable individual types of MyCode, though this is not necessary.

I can't see the basic bit of this being to hard for a good programmer, thanks,


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