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--> [PLEASE READ] Need serius help! Admin CP gone!!
The problem is for some reason I can't get access to the Admin CP..
I does still have the Admin userbar..

What I did was I used the MYPS Store from MyBBsource..
And did try to set up a method to buy a better rank for members..
I tried it by my self..!! Please anyone! Is there anyway I can get access to Admin CP again..?
Is there any plugin to have a backdored admin cp?
Or anyway to change the functions of MYPS shop inside the php codes, or MySQL Database?
Don't need it anymore..
I figured it out..
If anyone wanna know how..
I can tell you.. Big Grin
Simple make sure your super admin in inc/config.php

Also make sure the folder is there and not deleted. There's several wauys hat are all known.
Just edited in the MyAdminPHP Wink
Or whatever it is named Wink
(Mar 28, 2010, 05:01 PM)Dead Soulâ„¢ Wrote: Just edited in the MyAdminPHP Wink
Or whatever it is named Wink

huyh? - That made no sense.
In the MySQL database Wink

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