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Anyone knows where i can get hidehack plugin?
For those who dont know what HideHack is , its a plugin that you can choose like [Hidehack=100]TEXT HERE[/hidehack] , and only people wiht over 100 posts can see the text there
yeah even iam searching for one...i just have found only the normal hide hack
The problem is because of how mybb deals with quoted posts. It will render any hide hack fairly useless without core file edits.
There are hide hacks out for mybb 1.4 already.
I have few versions of hide hack mods for mybb 1.4
I bet I can circumvent them all.
but none of them have the funcionality to hide post contents from a minumum of 100posts, 200posts etc.
(Mar 31, 2010, 06:15 PM)labrocca Wrote: I bet I can circumvent them all.

You =P
I know you can Tongue
But i just need a simple one =[

Btw , check my PM by "DIELL" On hf please Sad
that is nice, Do find it ande post it.
Pff... i need one -.-
yeah this would be kinda handy Smile

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