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Who would want a Battlefield Bad Company 2 Stats Plugin
I just wrote an awesome PHP script for my site that pulls a user's battlefield bad Company 2 stats and displays them on screen. I was thinking of making it into a MyBB plugin for profiles, but I want to see how many people would actually use it first...

EDIT: For those who want a demo of the stats page, click here: - I'm still working on it and adding more stats, but you get the idea Wink
That would be awesome. Do you know if you can do the same thing for every game that supports online stats? Ex: Halo, 1943, BC2, etc.
Possibly. I'm using an API to pull the stats for BC2, s I could probably do it for most games that have an API readily available ;D
well i am owner of a free online music game server
¿Could you port and make that reads some information from a ranking screen, or even from mssql db?
I would think a few of my users would use it. But It would of course be truly awesome if their was support for Modern Warfare 2 statistics. I understand API's and stuff but I cannot imagine InfinityWard providing anything like this Sad
IW don't even provide any sort of online stat tracking apart from in-game tracking. it sucks, but that's how it is atm D:
Sounds great! I have a forum full of users that play BF:BC2 that would love this.
I've tried making a plugin of this, but I've had no luck so far. I'm not giving up hope though.
No one, because MW2 is better. Wink
Just an update on this, I've managed to get the plugin working so I'm now just testing it and refining it.

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