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ShoutBox Not appearing
hey everyone...

i have installed shoutbox but its not appearing on the index page..

plz help me
You need to provide a bit more information. Are you talking about the Spicefuse or MusicalMidget's shout box? How is it not appearing on the index page? As a link? In a frame? More info, please. Big Grin
i m using ShoutBOX 2.0.1 ....i dont know ...its working as a link but its not appearing on index page...can it be appeared on index???? or it will only display as a link ????
I'm not sure..

But I think that it will only display as a link opening the shoutbox page !
It will only be a link unless you add additional code (like an iframe) for it to actually appear on your index page.
can u tell me the code...i want it on index page plz..
This is what I use. Just put it in your index template wherever you want the shoutbox to appear:

<iframe src="shoutbox.php" width=100% height=250 frameborder="0" name="Shout" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" align="top" border="0" allowTransparency="true"></iframe><p>
thnx its working...gr8Smile
i have a problem, my shoutbox doesn't work.
I have a photo from my shoutbox but i can't upload it here.
Who can help me?
Why can't you upload it here? What is the problem? Are you getting some kind of error?

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