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Ok so I added the padding...I just don't see how that makes any difference.
And I widened the width of the container from 92% to 98%, does that help any with the overcrowdedness?

This is how it looks to me, could you please show me how it looks to you?

[Image: 1083618742.png]
I see it the same, looks fine mate
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(Apr 25, 2010, 06:01 PM)scarface Wrote: I see it the same, looks fine mate

It looks the same what i mean is there is no space between everything you have the nave then some text then and marque with no space.

Yeah i dont think padding is the problem.
[Image: jsnippetsbanner.jpg]
Latest Theme: CMS BB.
I'm entirely confused on what you're talking about O.o
I've still been dealing with this issue. It seems like it's a theme problem I looked at the theme from this site:

which is using the same theme I am, and that appears to be the default view. I've finally figured out how to adjust the tabs so they look 100x's better. I've also edited the images so that they flow better. The one major bad look for the site is this padding issue or whatever it is. I can't seem to find anything that will fix this. Does anyone have any clues? is my site.
Alright, I've fixed the issue. I had to reload the template, which sucked because that meant I had to redo all the settings and custom coding.
There is already a CEH [Certified Ethical Hackers] organization. You may get into trouble. Especially because you're not certified. -.-
No. It's not that easy. First of all, I didn't mean you will get in trouble for having a hacking site. What I mean is this. You can't give out "Certifications" in ethical hackers, because:

1. You are not a certified institute, and have no right to call yourself certified.
2. In order for you to "certify" someone in a subject, not only must your institute be registered, but also your "teachers" must also have the right to give "certification" to others, which means at least a bachelors degree in the subject. Even if any of your members had that, I highly doubt they would teach for free.


Oops, didn't read your 3rd point.

Ok then tell me this, if you're not certifying people why on earth do you call yourself certified? I highly doubt certified people will teach for free.

And believe me, you wont be having much success with that site. No offence at all.
Actually, I said you need a bachelors to "certify" others.
And HackForums is completely different. "HackForums" does not suggest that anyone in there is a hacker, it just means a forum to discuss about hacks. Hacks doesn't necessarily mean illegal hacking.
By having "certified" in your site address supposes that you are certified.

Oh well, no point arguing with you. Can't be bothered to spend any more time on this thread, adios.
I am not wrong, and I did read. Why the fuck would you put "certified" in your URL if you weren't suggesting you were certified? Boils down to your stupidity.

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