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Is it, new layout or edited theme.
If so what was the original layout.
Thanks Smile
- Insidific

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Where did everything go?
[Image: logo2.png]
(May 19, 2010, 05:43 PM)Civil Engineer Wrote: Where did everything go?


Everything is default for me o.O
Hopefully they have a backup or something.. They grew at an amazing rate.. kinda wonder how though?
[Image: logo2.png]
I fixed it for him. All good. His site is starting to look pretty good.
(May 19, 2010, 07:21 PM)labrocca Wrote: I fixed it for him. All good. His site is starting to look pretty good.

You are an amazing man :"( <333

ya it is.. you own it right labrocca? What's the secret to get it to grow so fast.. I mean it grow a ton in just 2 weeks
[Image: logo2.png]
I helped IBF a bit but it's his site. And last week I also gave him the domain.
nice.. it looks very good. Hope to get mine that good. Smile
[Image: logo2.png]
This site is not bad, but the way you run it is horrendous! The way you run it is not suitable for any GFX forum, and it boils down to your lack of experience, no offence.
Again, the actual site is pretty ok...

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