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Theme im working on...
Well i am starting a new theme and will release it free under the Creative Commons licence soon.
What do you think of it so far
[Image: previewfr.png]
Click for full sized.
Thx to axvis for the bg.png Smile
Hehe thanx for the credit Big Grin and nice! Good luck!
[Image: userbar.png]
Thank you, any suggestions?
The blue that you're using is kind of hurting my eyes to be honest.
Lets see if you make this yourself. Not steal the theme I made for Axvis this time.

Theme is also very armature. To much blue, very minimalistic design, I dont like it at all.
[Image: tyler-allen.png]
Just because it has "red" doesn't mean its the same theme.
Last i checked you don't own a copyright on the colour red?
Also before you insult someone "get ur speelin rit".
Hey dumb fuck, I found my custom code in your theme you noob. In ever single one of my themes I add my own code, just to see if some jack ass tries to edit it, which you did. You also admitted you did, and axvis informed me of this already. All you did with this was steal someone else's work and add a stupid background on it. Try to come up with something original. Also dont rep abuse you idiot. Please come back when you can actually learn real designing, and stop being a noob.
[Image: tyler-allen.png]
WOW, so using a bg image i got permission for is stealing?
i made a theme but i took the bg.png from your site...can i use it....its not the same image its a bit diffrent though

can you explain withc site
witch bg?

that and

oh I don't care
thats just a black color
go ahead lol

And really, its the Internet. Not every one has to abide by America's rules.
And would you mind pointing out this custom code? I don't know if this is different in America but if you take a part of someone's css sheet and use it in yours its legal seen as no one can hold a copyright on specific line like
color: #ffffff;
Once you get an international copyright that also affects me then I would suggest you contact your local authority's and let them know whats happening. As for the DMCA im not in America, it does not affect me even if i was in America it still wouldn't.
I'm not going to argue if you want to press charges or start a lawsuit I'm not going to stop you. If you show proof that i have stolen this theme you speak of send it to me and i will remove it.
But if you continue accusing me of this and show no proof then guess what thats slander and i could very easily sue you.
So until you show me proof I'm going to continue releasing these themes for FREE! and using them on my site.

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