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[Req] Enhanced Quick Reply....
I have searched, yet nothing come up.. (although I'm sure it's probably been mentioned/suggested)

I'd like to make a serious suggestion of creating an "Enhanced Quick Reply", I'm surprised this suggestion always gets mocked. Most either have it in some form, inside (IPB) or mod VB/phpBB,Smf Smile

Normal options, maybe with a button which places a box with smilies on top of the posting screen.

Would make life perfect. Tongue
There is a mod for that already. And's something I would never add to my sites.
Would you be able to point me to it?

I've searched every mybb site around and haven't found any mention of a plugin. (except requests) Useful feature imo but anywho thanks Smile
I also need this plugin couldn't find it.
labrocca can you tell us where exactly we can get it.

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