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Country Flags in Postbit
i gve a try tnks
This is another script that I cant get to work already .. there is no
$post[user_details] - it would be nice if you could highlight which damn file to look in .. mate.

Ive only just downloaded the mybb forum and put it into my site .. but Im thinking all the iles are named differently from the one you use.

exactly where is the postbit template ... for kick off.. ?

Programming is tricky enough - lets just try to make things far easier on each other ... BE CLEAR .... /inc/? which file .. ? /admin/? where which file... is $post [user_details] in .. and a little more srruounding code might be like nice of you.

Postbit Template:

ACP - Templates - Modify/Delete - Default Templates - Post Bit Templates - postbit

And wth about the other stuff ? Just upload the files like they are ordened in the zipfile.
jules12345 Wrote:Programming is tricky enough - lets just try to make things far easier on each other ... BE CLEAR ....


It's VERY clear the instructions I give. Make it easy please and read the instructions.

Quote:3. Edit your postbit template with the instructions below

You can't get more descriptive than that.

In case you didn't can search the template system by template name.
Here's another clue. The templates are in alphabetical order. Or do you not even know where they are? Well, there's this long scrolly thing on the left side of the Admin CP. If you scroll down until you see Templates, choose Modify / Delete. You'll be given a list of your available templates. Default templates should be the first set (other than Global, if you have any of those). Choose Expand on the far right. You SHOULD be able to figure out from there where to find the postbit template.
Ok sorry guys im upto speed .... ! Ive been looking through the damn files on my ftp for the code bits .. this is all new to me im an old Ezboard html man ..!

jesus how long have these things been programmable from the admin .. this is so cool . and thanx for the flag prog


I got this working but noticed one small bug which ive managed to fix (not a bug exactly but a missed protocol).

If you have guests posting you will find that they dont have any flag any at all but just a dirty no image box (the one with the cross) -- Simple remedy - make a small gif - about the same size as the flag and enter it into your ftp flag folder as a just a .gif image NO NAME.

This will rectify the situation and allow guests to get a small icon instead of a flag (of your choosing).

This would be better if it doesn't show anything at all if the member didn't enter his/her country OR a post of a guest =P
thanks for this !
Works like a charm Smile thx

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