REGISTER or LOGIN to have the annoying ads removed.
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Disable Ads on Login and registration Page
I use ad manager plugin. However i see that header and footer ads are placed on every page which includes login as well as register page. This is certainly against adsense TOS.

Can anyone tell me how to exclude from these pages.
Have you tried going to the register and log in templates to see if the code is there.
The templates used on login and register page are the universal header and footer templates. So obviously this shows on very page.
No one ? Strange that no bothered about this issue. Right now i am skeptical to use My Ads manager .. don't want my adsense account in trouble, unless this issue is fixed
You can add exception if statements to the plugin.
(May 08, 2010, 01:57 PM)labrocca Wrote: You can add exception if statements to the plugin.

And what are those for login page/ register page / forgot password page / ucp page ?
Login is action "login".
Register is action "register".
Lost password is action "lostpw".

The usercp shouldn't be a google adsense problem.

So to remove the ads from those pages something like this can be added to the function in the plugin file.

$check = array("login","lostpw","register");
if (in_array($mybb->input['action'], $check)

Something like that will work fine.
FYI you might want to make this plugin be inclusive then if you're really picky about ads.

$check = array("forumdisplay.php","index.php","showthread.php");
if (in_array(THIS_SCRIPT, $check)

I think something like that would work and add pages as you deem fit. On the top of each file is a line like this:

define('THIS_SCRIPT', 'usercp.php');

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