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The Brotherhood
I been sending out DMCA notices daily and having sites shut down pretty quick. It's very annoying to have to deal with all these copycats. 99% of hacking forums are direct knockoffs of HF that will go nowhere. People see it's success and think they can just clone it. Won't happen. I've got years of webmaster experience and the last thing you do is copy another site expecting success.

Anyone visiting will recognize it's a wannabe and move on.
You are so damn right labrocca!
It's funny...just going back through this one forum I see numerous forums that have done the same thing. That's not counting those listed on other sites.
The sad part is, I don't think it will stop anytime soon. There will always be someone wanting the success that HF and other larger forums have. Strangely enough, they think that by copying them, they will achieve the same thing. Go figure!!!

Look at all the sites over say the last 6 months. I've never seen so many hacking sites in my life!
But if you visit them now, they are at best barely surviving.
im very sorry labrocca the only reason i copied some of it was because you said described it better then i could i will change immediettly once again im sorry im not trying to be a copy cat i just needed to ad dsome extra categorys to beef up site so i used the ones from your programming section
The copying info issue has been discussed so I won't go into it any further. You need to be unique and make up your own stuff, otherwise no one will want to go to your site when they can just go to the one that's got a LOT more content to it anyways.

The theme is "ok". I would change that large orange block into a slightly different color, or change your forum borders to a different color. They're the same color and when they hit it just takes away from the theme. The logo is decent. The side boxes is WAYYYY off. You don't need so many side boxes on at the same time. Quite honestly you don't even need those tabs until you have more forums to put into them and you don't need more forums until your board gains more members and more content. It's a slow process really, but that's how forums grow. Start off with a few things and let them build up until you get enough to expand more. Finally I'd just say work on your coloring. The coloring just needs some touching up. Other than that it looks nice.

Take care of that copying issue, that's a big no no and it makes your site look cheap. Overall it's a decent job though, like any other new site it just needs a couple of touchups and then you start the hard part: getting members and content. Alot of the initial content you'll have to do yourself until members start to do it for you.
thank you master zufu atleast your nice about it :] ive changed the forum theme and descriptions to my own so it wont be copying and the reason for havin vip is that its 5 bucks OR 1000 myps points im trying to encourage users to post
It looks a lot better. Just a few more tips. I would suggest changing the Forum Identifier Icons to something else. Those are pretty generic and they don't seem to fit well with the theme anyways. I would also suggest getting a different background image. That one while it fits the theme is a bit distracting and kind of messes with the eyes. Some of your forums look similar. I would suggest combining a few of them until you gain more content. The more forums you have with no content the faster a visitor will leave the site. Give them something to look at and they'll look. Give them something that has nothing on it and they'll take it just as it is for them: worthless. Finally I would suggest renaming some of the forum titles. The descriptions are fine, but some of the titles seem to still look similar to HF.

Other than that I think you're on a good start. Smile
thanks for all the help and being so nice i think ill give you a +rep
Don't like the skin :S
the skin dont like you either

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