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The Brotherhood
Hello We are a very very very new forum literally just started so no post or members besides a few so i need a review of my setup and hopefully get a few memeber Wink the forum is a hacking clan heres the link TBHforum
The theme is really annoying to be honest.
Can't even look at it. Theme hurts my eyes.
ok well everyone else likes is sooo..... yeaa
Who likes it? -.-
the moderator and administrator and otehr firends i have asked
I don`t like it honestly, sorry
I love you copied lots of your forum descriptions straight from HF, copying HF is a big no-no.
Why do people copy small snippets of hf? im confused... im happy its a well known board but people are losing originality to copy labrocca all the time lol he must get really bored when a new theme pops up, as i guarantee he knows whats coming hahaha... same for myself all is copycats.

All i will say is that the color is too bright, it would of been better slightly darker, and more original touches to it. If i use a theme i will say i will use a theme, if i make a theme, its from scratch, and i would certainly get ideas by not looking at other mybb themes.
[Image: 23suqdz.jpg][Image: hty8nn.gif]2 OF THE BEST MYBB SITES

And you shouldn't add a "V.I.P" subscription till you have a few members.
[Image: jsnippetsbanner.jpg]
Latest Theme: CMS BB.

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