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Anarchy Forums Website! Review My First MyBB Site.

Information: This is my first ever MyBB site forums and I devoted it to be an Anarchy and Social Engineering Forums. I need feedback as well as members and soon Mods. Please tell me what you think and please help me out.
  • About:
    • Home Made Gadgets that are classified into Anarchy Tutorials
    • Home Made bombs, smoke, popguns, and more
    • Social Engineering
    • Coding and Graphics

Please Check it out at
I like it nice one
[Image: 23suqdz.jpg][Image: hty8nn.gif]2 OF THE BEST MYBB SITES

Re Bump this up since i remade the website and with a new theme want more reviews.
log is too big... need to be enhanced.
Well the color with orange its really very nice. And the Logo its really very attractive. I like the Logo style too much. And that is also that much attractive too. And the symbol or we can say that images which you have used with particular threads information its really very nice.
Looks really nice actually.
This was old. I have updated it. (Neo i think you saw the WIP one)
Im still getting things done but the last one was unoriginal (Looked clean but no heart in it) and took up way too many pictures to use.

I have remade it and its xHTML valid and CSS valid. Aside from that thanks for the comments. I would like to repost this when I am actually done to get more direct comments about the new theme.

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